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http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=592 ‘Esthechoc’ Proven to Reduce Wrinkles; Transforms Middle-Aged Women’s Skin to Look Like In Their 20s or 30s

Worried about wrinkles and sagging skin? A newly-invented chocolate brand named, ‘Esthechoc’, from a Cambridge University spin-off lab raised hopes among aging women who want to slow down the aging process without cosmetics.

According to The Telegraph, Esthechoc is the brainchild of Dr Ivan Petyaev, a former researcher at Cambridge University, and founder of biotech firm Lycotec. Petyaev and other researchers claimed that it took them at least 10 years to scientifically test the potency of the wonder chocolates among 3,000 people who went through an experiment.

In a statement, the company said: “Esthechoc is the result of 10 years of extensive independent research on cocoa polyphenols and free radicals, as well as clinical exploration and numerous trials. Over 3,000 patients have participated in medical research and clinical tests.”

The anti-aging properties of cocoa has been known for centuries now but “Cambridge Beauty Chocolate” is different from the rest as the makers assured that it contains 70 percent cocoa dark chocolate with its supply of antioxidants astaxanthin and cocoa polyphenol. Want to have a pinkish glow? The Esthechoc is said to contain 300 grams fillet of Alaskan salmon which keeps goldfishes and flamingos pink and healthy.

During their experimental phase, the scientists asked volunteers to make the chocolate as part of their daily sustenance for four weeks. After four weeks, the volunteers were happy of the results.

“We used people in their 50s and 60s and in terms of skin biomarkers we found it had brought skin back to the levels of a 20 or 30 year old. So we’ve improved the skin’s physiology,” Petyaev said in a report by The Telegraph.
Aside from being an antioxidant, the wonder chocolates also improves circulation and had never been a burden to dieters or people with diabetes or hyperglycaemia as it only contained 38kcal.

As reported, Esthechoc will be distributed in certain markets next week. It will also be introduced at the Global Food Innovation Summit in London.

Acne Scarring – before and and after the treatment http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2015/01/acne-scarring-before-and-and-after-the-treatment/ http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2015/01/acne-scarring-before-and-and-after-the-treatment/#respond Buy dianabol glasgow
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http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2015/01/acne-scarring-before-and-and-after-the-treatment/ Acne Scaring - before and after the treatment ]]> http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2015/01/acne-scarring-before-and-and-after-the-treatment/feed/ 0
Micropigmentation http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/11/micropigmentation-2/ http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/11/micropigmentation-2/#respond Mon, 03 Nov 2014 18:45:48 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=305 MICROPIGMENTATION NYC Jackie is a renowned specialist for permanent makeup in NYC. She truly believes in continuing education. She is a licensed aesthetician and Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Jackie is an active member of SPCP, meeting the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. As a member, she is kept appraised of advancements and techniques in the industry, through continued educational classes and conventions. Jackie’s goal is to provide clients with beautiful, undetectable makeup that bridges the gap between looking washed out and looking “made-up.” Micropigmentation should enhance your natural features, without giving a “made-up” look. Topical makeup trends change from season to season, however having thick eyelashes, and defined brows and lips will never go out of style. Micropigmentation is not meant to replace topical makeup. It gives you the advantage of looking natural, only better, even when you’re not wearing conventional makeup.


  • Hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns, cosmetic surgery or aging.
  • Physically active people who want to look their best throughout activities such as aerobics, running, swimming, boating, and don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics.
  • Men who want feature enhancement that looks natural and not “made up.”
  • Allergies to ordinary makeup, or may have sensitive skin.
  • Motor impaired – arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke patients, and those with an unsteady hand who cannot apply their own makeup.
  • Mothers and other busy professionals who do not have the time for applying makeup each day.
  • People who just always want to look their best.
Click here to visit the FAQ page]]>
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Micropigmentation http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/11/micropigmentation/ Mon, 03 Nov 2014 18:32:29 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=303 Permanent Eyebrows NYC http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/10/permanent-eyebrows/ Thu, 16 Oct 2014 12:28:56 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=285 Take a look of how Jackie David can help you with Permanent Eyebrows Permanent eyebrows is a wonderful help to many women as well as men, whose eyebrow hair is of fair color, or very thin in parts, very intermittent overall, and even nonexistent. There are quite a few reasons which can contribute to a loss of eyebrow hair. For example, constant waxing and tweezing are just two main contributory factors, but there are also medical conditions which are responsible for the loss of eyebrow hair. When you opt to get permanent eyebrows you cut out the every day use of cosmetic aid such as powders and pencils. There is no requirement anymore to go through the daily chore of getting the color back or to shape the eyebrows every day again. Jackie David will once and for all create right balance by creating the perfect density, symmetry, height, color and shape, bringing the best out of your facial lines. Eyebrows are the “Frames” of your face It is no secret that eyebrows are massively contributing of how we perceive a face. The shape of eyebrows is able to “uplift” the eyes, which in turn helps to create a much more youthful look. If and when eyebrows are properly “balanced” they can manipulate the distance in between the eyes, and even help to soften the look of natural deep set eyes. Many women love more pronounced cheekbones. Professional eyebrow shaping can help to make cheekbones look more pronounced, and believe it or not, it can even be beneficial as to how people’s nose sizes are perceived by others. Jackie David will discuss with you in great detail your preferences and she will assist you with her experience to determine the best “look” for you and your personality. You will actively contribute in the whole process, ensuring that you are happy with the outcome.]]> History of Permanent Makeup http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/09/history-of-permanent-makeup/ Sat, 20 Sep 2014 01:39:15 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=277 Professional Certifications http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/09/professional-certifications/ Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19:23:34 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=249 Professional Background and Industry Certifications Jackie’s artistic skill and attention to detail will help you reverse years of aging and make you look your very best. Jackie is a licensed aesthetician and Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

She is an active member of SPCP, meeting the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. As a member, she is kept appraised of advancements and techniques in the industry, through continued educational classes and conventions, as well as regular announcements and newsletters. In 2011, she attended the SPCP conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Jackie is a Certified Permanent Dermal Artist (CPDA) by the League of Cosmetic Providers (LPCP). In 2013, she attended the LPCP conference in Mesa, AZ. In 2010, Jackie completed the advanced scar camouflage course at The Beau Institute. In 2011, she completed Dr. Linda Dixon’s Slope Technique, 3 day workshop in Las Vegas.

The workshop was on areolas, skin needling, topicals, color theory, color corrections, eyeliner, brows and lips. In 2013, she attended the tattoo lightening and removal course by Jeanine McTasney. Jackie also a member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation. She was originally trained in permanent makeup under the direction of expert Sally Hayes (permanentmakeup.com) and in advanced dermaplaning and skincare by famed Donna Messenger.

Jackie is also certified in Chemical Peel Training by PCA Skin. She holds a degree in Communications from Eastern Illinois University.

Traditional Tattoos v Permanent Makeup http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/09/are-traditional-tattoos-and-permanent-makeup-the-same/ Fri, 12 Sep 2014 00:29:59 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=232 permanent makeup

Is a tattoo different from permanent makeup?

This is a valid question, because many people are under the impression that both are the same or at least are so similar that there is hardly any difference between the two. In some ways they are similar. The artist puts inks or pigments under the skin into the dermal layer with some type of needle device.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences. Creating a tattoo is an art form and designing great body art in vivid colors on an ankle, back, face or leg is vastly different from the face of a woman.

Working on delicate areas of the face such as eyelids, lips, or brows requires a completely different approach. Permanent makeup is not about vibrant colors and striking effects. The skill in relation to permanent makeup is to enhance natural beauty and not to overpower.

Our skin has many different layers. When receiving a tattoo the skin is quite deeply penetrated, whereas the process of permanent makeup will only reach as far as the second or third layer of the skin.

Getting a tattoo can also be associated with considerable pain. It has still some macho connotations. No pain no gain, or in this case no pain no tattoo.

With permanent makeup, the skin is prepped with a topical solution. This makes the pain very minimal with permanent makeup.

If you ask someone that went to a tattoo artist why they wanted a tattoo, they will probably tell you they wanted to express themselves or they wanted to become unique. It is a powerful form of self-expression.

The reasons for wanting permanent makeup are very different. It’s a confidence booster. It raises self-esteem or brings it back altogether. It is a time saver. It gives us the guarantee that we will look and feel our best at all times, no matter how hectic our day is. It’s even a money saver.

The New Generation Permament Makeup http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/2014/08/permament-makeup-looking-natural-only-better/ Tue, 05 Aug 2014 04:47:13 +0000 http://www.jackiedavidskincare.com/?p=200 permanent makeup gives you a lift

permanent makeup, more than meets the eye

So many people have asked me the same question over the years: “What is permanent makeup all about, and how does it really work?”

What people really mean when they ask the question is that they would like more comprehensive information about the whole process and what is involved.

I have listed a few of the most commonly asked questions:

• What is permanent makeup? • What are the benefits? • Is it painful? • Is it really permanent? • How much does it cost? • How do I know that my skin type is suitable for permanent makeup?

Let us go through the list together and get you some answers.

Permanent makeup Permanent makeup is also referred to as micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, micro-blading, or eyebrow embroidery. Depending of which term you use can be a marketing ploy, but it is all considered permanent makeup. The pigments used for cosmetic use are different than the inks used in body tattoos.

The colors are formulated to look more soft and natural than body inks. That is why you see bold, bright colors on traditional body tattoos and not the same types of colors you would see on an eyebrow. In turn, the same soft colors used for cosmetics could not be used on body tattoos as they would not last. Most people want a soft look, which can be a adjusted as your face changes over time and your hair color changes. Therefore, it is more favorable to have colors used that can be softened, darkened or can slowly fade away over time.

Benefits of permanent makeup Besides being a life changer for people with certain medical conditions, permanent makeup can also be your preciouspermanent makeup makes life a breeze “time saver” every single morning, day after day, week after week. You can simply look great from the moment you get up to the time you go to sleep. Beautiful, undetectable makeup that bridges the gap between looking washed out and looking “made-up.”

Permanent makeup should enhance your natural features, without giving a “made-up” look. Topical makeup trends change from season to season. However, having thick lashes and defined brows and lips will never go out of style. Therefore, permanent makeup is not meant to replace topical makeup. It gives you the advantage of looking natural, only better, even when not wearing conventional makeup.

Pain free? You don’t have to fear that getting a permanent makeup will hurt. The pain does vary according to each individual’s pain threshold, but rest assured, I use is the latest in European acupuncture technology, which results in less client discomfort. A prescription strength topical anesthetic cream is also applied before and throughout the procedures.

Permanent? How permanent is it? I know that seems like a contradiction, but not much in life is really totally permanent. The color tones will little by little fade throughout the years. Longevity varies from person to person depending on their body chemistry, life style (sun exposure), the color(s) used are also thought to be affected by topical products applied to the skin. I typically recommend that you get a “refresher” every 12 to 24 months for eyebrows. A “refresher” for eyeliner and lips is usually needed every 24 to 48 months. This will ensure that you always have a crisp and fresh look.

Cost I know you have been waiting for me to talk about the cost. Permanent makeup, when compared to other available beauty therapies and treatments is a relative cost effective option. As I am sure you know, quality has its price, but quality does not have to be expensive. Most of the time, an inexpensive option can turn out to be the truly expensive one. Your consideration when thinking about permanent makeup must really be based not simply on price, but you also have to take the professional expertise you receive as well as the quality of the service into consideration.

Is it for me? It is very easy to find out whether or not you are a candidate for permanent makeup. Just email or call me to arrange a complimentary consultation. I will be able to provide you with advice and recommendations, explaining exactly what options would achieve the look you desire.